One thing we love at Cedar and Sparrow™ is hearing back from the people we have helped make an occasion truly special. It makes us feel like an integral part of the event!

We thought we would share some of the testimonials we have received. Will you be the next happy customer? Place your order today!

“I love Cedar and Sparrow! I ordered special glasses for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen each with their own name on them. They looked great and were really appreciated when I gave them to them. It all went towards making our day that much more special.”

Louise Z

“You made my life leading up to my wedding so much easier. And the gifts I ordered ended up being beautiful and very special. You really saved my life and I have nothing but thanks for you guys. When things were stressful you really helped save the day.”

Julie and Ken Kasey – Epping NSW

“I loved being able to get my man, personalised boxer shorts! I was so pleased that he really liked them. As I pointed out, now I have to see his name quite a bit to keep him happy!”

Darleen A.

“I was really excited to get special items for my bridesmaids! I got them each a box with bathrobes, champagne glasses, scented candles, and a bottle of rosé. They came out beautiful and my bridesmaids loved them. Each bathrobe even has their own name on them!”

Paige Rein

“I was going crazy looking for all the gifts we needed to find. We needed a total of fifteen in all! Spending hours traipsing around Westfield, and with so many other things to organise, it was getting very stressful. Once we found www.cedarandsparrow.com.au we then spent just a few hours that night choosing all the gifts we needed.”

Jane P. – St Kilda, Melbourne

“Thank you for making our day special Cedar and Sparrow you were amazing”

Stacey and Chris M – Brisbane City Qld