Frequently Asked Questions

Why Cedar and Sparrow?

We love what we do here at Cedar and Sparrow, and we want to share that with you! You can be sure that all our gifts are curated to be thoughtful, unique and treasured, because they come from you! We pride ourselves on quality, customer service, and the celebration of love!


Are you part of a large chain of wedding stores?

No. Cedar and Sparrow is a boutique business. That gives us the freedom to personalise everything we create, and make sure your gifts are perfect.


Are your products of a high standard? Are they unique?

Absolutely, we choose each one of the products we carry because of their quality, often for their exquisite design or colouring or uniqueness. We want the recipients to truly cherish their gifts for years to come.


Do you offer printing, engraving or embroidery?

Yes! That is one of the advantages of working with Cedar and Sparrow. We apply names, nicknames, and titles directly onto the products we sell, and we are happy to include personal messages from you and your partner as well. You can even choose the colour and font you’d like to personalise your special items with, so to keep with the theme of your special day!


Can you deliver anywhere in Australia?

We sure do.


Is there a minimum order?

Nope. Just pick what you would like and personalise it the way you like.


How soon before the wedding should I place my order?

We suggest you place your order at least two months in advance to ensure that everything in your order is available, personalised (if required) beautifully packaged and that it arrives well before your wedding day. But if you are pressed for time, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will see what we can work out.



How will my order arrive?

Part of our order process is to choose the gift box, which can be personalised as well as the items inside. They’re high quality gift boxes with thick elegant ribbon embedded in the lid. We can even add fairy lights for a little bit of extra magic.



Can your gifts be made to match the colours I've chosen?

Of course! When personalising your items, you can pick a colour and font that mates your theme, and if you can’t find what you are after, just let us know, and we will work to make it happen. (This may incur an additional fee.)




Can you keep it a secret from the bridal party?

Of course! Discretion is our middle name, and your secret is safe with us! We’re a big fan of special little secrets like these.



How long will it take to place an order?

Our website is designed to be simple enough to purchase all your gifts for your VIP guests and family members in say a morning, or afternoon or an evening. Simply scroll through, select what you like, and then place your order. It’s that simple!




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