Bride & Groom Wedding Gift List

There are two very important times to give gifts to the bridal party and others who help in the making of your wedding special.

Initially, when you ask each of them – at the planning stage, and they agree, it’s a very special time to give each of them a gift and say thank you for their future commitment and the significant contribution to making your wedding a very special day.

The second time the Bride and Groom traditionally give gifts is at the time of the wedding itself, either at the reception or shortly after the wedding day. Again, another tradition that Brides and Grooms like to take part in, however, often with so many other essential tasks on their list, not to mention the honeymoon, that they simply ‘run out of time’.

At Cedar and Sparrow™, this is our specialty, and the gifts you choose will be a constant reminder of your gratitude to each of these people who give so generously of their time, their energy, their wisdom, and often, a financial contribution.

We have added a helpful ‘Master List’ below of those who may be in your bridal party and other special people, who you will need to say thank you to. A very handy list to make sure that you remember all those who you need gifts for. You can add up to three gift choices for each person. If you want to alleviate yourself of this often stressful task, you can simply email your completed list to Cedar and Sparrow™. Then Amanda and her team, can go to work and make sure that you have everyone catered for, with stunning personalised gifts, not to mention beautifully presented, and delivered, of course.

So, add your email address to the form below and after completing it, press the ‘SEND’ button at the bottom of the form, this will email your completed form to your email inbox. You can then print the list, email it to your partner, or send it on to Cedar and Sparrow™ with your instructions and requests. You can trust Amanda and her team to make sure that each of your gifts will be thoughtfully chosen, personalised, and very special. Giving this really important task the priority it deserves, and putting your mind at rest, knowing that the professionals at Cedar and Sparrow™ are looking after things for you.

Of course, you can always select the gifts yourself, if you have time. Ether way, use the list below to select three options for each recipient and send it through?


Wedding Party


Parents & Grandparents


Other Key Positions